If you work with young people aged between 13 to 25yrs and want to offer sexual health support such as free condoms through the C-Card scheme, this 3 in 1 sexual health training will be helpful for you.

Before accessing this training, you and your organisation will need to be able to meet the 3 in 1 Quality Standards (see below) and become a member of the 3 in 1 scheme. You will also need to have completed a minimum of Level 1 Safeguarding training. The course is open to all and runs over two mornings.  

There are three different courses available:

3 in 1 training course

On this course you will gain: 

  • Increased understanding of Sex & the Law 
  • Increased understanding of confidentiality 
  • Increased confidence in providing information and support to young people  around sexual health 
  • Increased understanding of pregnancy choices 
  • Increased knowledge of how to signpost to other sexual health services in the city 
  • Increased understanding of local and national sexual health campaigns

You will also learn:

  • How to register for the C-Card scheme (including, Fraser Competence)  
  • How to distribute the C-Card scheme 
  • How to administer the Pregnancy Testing scheme 
  • How to support a young person to complete a Chlamydia screening test

3 in 1 Refresher course
If you have previously completed the main 3 in 1 course, you are eligible to attend the 3 in 1 refresher course. This course lasts two hours and you will be required to attend a refresher course every three years. 

C-Card Pick Up Training 
This course is for those organisations who do not have the capacity or a confidential space to do a C-Card consultation. This short training course lasts between 1-2 hours and will provide you with information about the C-Card scheme. As a result of attending the course, you will be able to offer free condoms to C-Card holders or signpost a young person to their local 3 in 1 service. 

Booking for all three courses
If you are interested in booking onto any of these courses or would like further information, please contact Dawn Smallwood on 0113 395 2875 or email dawn.smallwood@leeds.gov.uk    

3 in 1 Quality Standards. 

To become a 3 in 1 site all organisations must meet the following standards: 

  1. The environment is clean and hygienic   
  2. There is a safe and confidential space to offer a confidential service 
  3. Access to a toilet   
  4. Clear confidentiality statements are displayed and reinforced verbally before the beginning of any consultation
  5. All staff must have been on 3 in 1 training within the last 3 years
  6. Staff have a friendly, positive and non-judgemental approach and the ability to communicate with young people  
  7. Staff are confident in going through all the stages of the consultation check list (including Fraser competencies) and have the ability to discuss sexual health issues comfortably and appropriately 
  8. Consideration should be given to the age and understanding of the young person seeking to access the service to assess whether they are at risk 
  9. All staff must adhere to the Leeds Safeguarding Children Board protocol and be aware of the safeguarding contact within their organisation and how to initiate a safeguarding procedure
  10. Each organisation must have and provide their own Health and Safety Policy 

These standards have been compiled with information from young people, National C-Card Guidelines, the Innovations Working group and the Department of Health ‘You’re Welcome’ Criteria.”   

For more information visit: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/phrc/P...