Since November 2014 cases of gonococcal infection have been detected that have high levels of azithromycin resistance. We have identified 14 in Leeds currently as well as other cases nationally. Mostly heterosexuals, persons aged 16-25 years. Risk of growing resistance leading to untreatable strains of gonococcus developing.

Advice to GP colleagues:

  • GC diagnosis on NAAT will not give us antibiotic resistance information.
  • Do not treat with antibiotic monotherapy!
  • It is not enough to treat the case as need to find their contacts
  • Refer all identified/suspected cases of gonococcal infection to Leeds Sexual Health as they will need confirmatory testing, culture & sensitivities doing, treatment, test of cure, contact tracing and partner notification
  • Encourage safe sex

Leeds Sexual Health Merrion Centre 50 Merrion Way, Leeds LS2 8NG
(contact details from 30/11/15)

Professional clinical advice and referrals direct to Health Advisors:
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Professionals contact line in extended hours: 07710 027063

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Fax (referrals): 0113 3920316

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